My Story:

Ok, here’s the set up: an average self professed geeky kid from Youngstown OH. He was majoring in Psychology, Biology and Chemisty and was well on his way to medical school. He was forced to make a decision between 2 completely different futures. 1 was safe, respected and what he’d been studying his whole life for. The other is highly competitive and only the top .01% of people ever break through. Not to mention, our geeky friend, had never had any form of professional education in, he was completely self taught. What would any smart self respecting kid choose to do?
Yep, I decided to move to Vegas and pursue a music career.

Can you guess my top 5 musical influences?

Top 5:

Stevie Wonder
Hootie and the Blowfish
Eve 6
Collective Soul
Colin Hay

5 Favorite Venues to Perform at?

Top 5 Venues:

Studio 54
Mandalay Bay Beach
The Joint
Empire Ballroom
Container Park

On the surface this seems like a really hard choice to make, but for me it was really simple. It came down to what kind of notes did I want to commit to for the rest of my life. There’s something about music that calls to me, and all of us really. Notes and melodies can create emotion out of thin air. If you think about a doctor, they merely fix what’s already there. With music I create something that never existed before I imagined it. I just feel this connection with music that I hope you can feel when you listen.
When I got to Vegas in 2004, it was a completely different city even structurally. But 1 thing to this day stays the same; the thing that fuels this city is an ungodly amount of tourism concentrated in 1 place, on the strip. That’s where I wanted to be. In the thick of all that creative hospitality driven energy.
Amazingly within the first 2 months I’d pulled it off, I landed a gig center strip performing at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. That job taught me the hardest lesson about music that I’ve ever had to learn. That is if you bring a random group of people together, they are never going to have the same taste in music. I could look to my left and the entire table is in such amazement that their jaws are almost touching the table. Then look right and that table is throwing down their napkins and leaving because they hate it. I had to learn to not play strictly for the crowd, but play for myself.
I think people really connected with me because of that and I started to develop a decent local following. I’ve played almost every iconic venue in this city. I’ve opened for multi platinum artists like Dashboard Confessional, Sugar Ray, Everclear, Better Than Ezra and Train. Omg when I heard Train play Drops of Jupiter from side stage. Could see how the entire crowd was connected with the music in that moment. It inspires me to work harder till this very day.
I want every person that listens to my music to find a little piece of themselves in it. To connect with the melodies and lyrics so they can find something new within themselves. Doesn’t matter if it’s light and funny or on a much deeper level. I want every fan of mine to feel like their favorite song of mine was written just for them.
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